Discount Guns – Odessa

The first full-length offering from Louisville, KY based band, Discount Guns, is a blues-rock stomper, in the vein of the Black Keys.

Recorded at DeadBird Studios in the whiskey-filled streets of Louisville,Odessa sounds like it was recorded with a few tin cans, some string, and hell of a lot of tubesMuddy and powerful vocals, reverb and wailing guitars snapping like dogs back at each other, crisp drums with a slice of echo, and beautiful backing vocals solidly compliment thoughtful and experiential lyrics emoted with passion.

This is real music.

This is timeless music.  This is music for the lonely night drive with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth.  This is music for a crowded bar with a bourbon in your hand.

The beauty of Discount Guns lies in their limited and scaled back approach to their music.  Two genuine gentlemen, John Ford and Edward Vincent have been playing music together now for several years.  Their comfort with themselves as musicians is epitomized in the wall of sound that they produce with just a kit and a Silvertone amp.  They trade off singing duties and even decide to sing along with each other on Chain.

The album is 12 tracks long, and I promise you that it won’t let up.  Odessa fools you for a second when the track Already Gone kicks up, but quickly filches on that bet and slams you back in the backseat with howling guitars and matter-of-fact lyrics that anyone can identify with.

My personal favorite track is So Far (From Where I Need To Be).  For myself, it’s an honest look at getting the hell away from where you are conflicted.  The song captures me lyrically, vocally adds the right amount of ‘I just feel like I need to get loud right now’, and stomps through the room.

I definitely recommend buying the album.  Notable songs (if not all of them) are  So Far (From Where I Need To Be), Things Have Changed, The Water, Already Gone, and Chain.

You can purchase the record here.  (ONLY $7!)
You can see them on their release show (and get a hard copy) on August 10th at the Glassworks Building Rooftop in Louisville, KY.  –  If I can get my ass out of Texas, and I get there, I’ll buy you a whiskey.
Their Facebook & Twitter.

For your viewing pleasure.  (From their EP.)