Making Up For Lost Time

The year is coming to a close; and like all dickheads with their own self-righteous opinions,  I am gearing up for the Best of 2012 lists.  Diligently buried in piles of vinyl, plastic, and digital media; I am prepared to add numerous labels to what music came out in 2012.  What about last year?  How did it handle up?  And what is going on there…?  Here’s a recap of what I pulled for last year and a note about what I think now:

Top Ten Albums of 2011:

10. Tori Amos – Night of the Hunters – Still a fine album, little bummed at this point that I let it sneak into the Top 10 based on my bias for Tori Amos, especially since it was followed up this year year with another ‘classical’ Tori Amos album… doubt it would make it in the top ten twice.

9. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues – I am still OK with this pick.  I think it is not their best showing, but this album is still good.  Still relevant.

8. St. Vincent – Strange Mercy – After seeing her live this year with the Flaming Lips, she earns every bit of this spot.  Not so sure about her 2012 collaboration, but Strange Mercy was Top 10, no matter what.

7. Still Corners – Creatures of an Hour – Still love it.  Still burying my head in my knees.  Still love the drums on Into the Trees. Gorgeous.

6. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Saw Noel twice this year.  He got beat up in a lot of reviews.  Namely Pitchfork.  This is Rock-n-Roll.  It’s simple.  Noel has figured it out for years and years.  Super happy with this album.

5. Zola Jesus – Conatus – Excellent.  No regrets.

4. The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar – Bummed with their hyper-popularity, I still think they produced a quality album, and I am still excited to see what they offer in 2013.

3. Bon Iver – Bon Iver – Brilliant.  I can’t imagine not having listened to this album.  For the 1000th time.

2. The Beach Boys – Smile – So they blew it in 2012, and that cuts me deep, but they did no wrong here. ‘Re-issue’ or not, this album is untouchable.

1. The Veils – Troubles of the Brain – I was afraid of putting an EP as one of my top albums (let alone number 1), but Finn Andrews is by far the most capable lyricist of our generation.  While the band might let me down on a song or two, he more than makes up for any errors in judgement that they might have.  Troubles of the Brain was perfect from sleeve to track.  Still my #1 choice of 2011.

…gearing up for a 2012 with no regrets this year.