Top Fifteen Albums of 2013

This list will not include anything by Kanye West.  And I went with 15 because I feel like if you go with 50… you’re just rearranging the thousands of Top 50 lists that are out there.  And while most of these albums are on everyone else’s list… a few are not.  Welcome to the original mix tape.

  • 15: Departure and Farewell by Hem
  • 14: Give In by ON AN ON
  • 13: Seasons of Your Day by Mazzy Star
  • 12: Shulamith by Poliça
  • 11: Pushin’ Against a Stone by Valerie June
  • 10: Desire Lines by Camera Obscura
  • 9: Once I Was an Eagle by Laura Marling
  • 8: Time Stays, We Go by The Veils
  • 7: Wait to Pleasure by No Joy
  • 6: If You Leave by Daughter
  • 5: Ministry of Love by io echo
  • 4: Wondrous Bughouse by Youth Lagoon
  • 3: Until the Colours Run by Laterns on the Lake
  • 2: Trouble Will Find Me by The National
  • 1: Repave by Volcano Choir



Daughter – If you Leave

It is finally coming… click here to hear what I believe is a demo of Shallows off the album.


1. Winter
2. Smother
3. Youth
4. Still
5. Lifeforms
6. Tomorrow
7. Human
8. Touch
9. Amsterdam
10. Shallows

Out March 18th on 4AD (UK & Europe) and April 30th on Glassnote Records (North America).


Songs from the Top of the ’12 Heap.

For the past several years, everyone has been calling the year; “The Year of the Single”, and that no bands have produced a decent full showing in years.  While that is obviously erroneous bullshit, there were quite a few decent tracks this year that made it only onto EPs, one-offs, or (yes) came from a ‘festering turd of a record’.

Some of the live videos were chosen because I was at those shows… and they were epic.  Beware, the first few songs on here are quite poppy.

My top 20 tracks from ’12:

20: Ride this Feeling – Kate Miller-Heidke

19: Queen of a Sad Land – A Silent Film

18: The Winds – Jessie Baylin

17: Bay of Skaill – The Magnetic North

16: Wolf – Now, Now

15: Leonard – Sharon Van Etten

14: Disappear Always – Wild Nothing

13: Pair of Wings – Frankie Rose

12: Frigid Spring – Chairlift

11: Time Meant Nothing – Teepee

10: Varúð – Sigur Rós

9: Kill for Love – Chromatics

8: Misty’s Nightmares 1 & 2 – Father John Misty

7: The Water – Discount Guns

6: Ride – Lana Del Rey

5: Change the Sheets  – Kathleen Edwards

4: Werewolf – Fiona Apple

3: Irene – Beach House

2: Medicine – Daughter

1: Heaven – The Walkmen